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Have you had permanent makeup or a small body tattoo done that you're not happy with?


Is one eyebrow a different shape?


Do you dislike the colour?


Have you changed your mind?


Needing correction?

Li-FT is the only saline lightening solution to combine the power of two fruit seed extracts, orange seed and lemon seed. The other secret to this solution is the type of salts used, making it unique. This unique formula is then tattooed into the area requiring removal.

It creates a process of Osmosis where unwanted pigment rises to the surface which becomes trapped in a scab and when the scab heals and comes off, it takes the pigment with it.  

What are the benefits

* Lightening / removal of unwanted pigment

* Emergency removals can be carried out 24-48 hours after a mistake / regret

* Suitable for the face, eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and small body tattoos

* Has fewer risks of scarring and damaging the skin unlike laser removal

Any kind of tattoo removal treatment is a process, with results depending on the age of the pigment, skin type, how much pigment is there, how deep its been implanted and how many treatments you return for.

Results can be seen anywhere between 1-5 sessions and these would be spaced 8 weeks apart.

(Please note that the below pictures are before and healed after 1 session, and are work in progress) 



Remove unwanted pigment on the Face and Body.

Li-FT is a unique salt saline removal formula. No chemicals and no acids. All natural salt and fruit seed extract.


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