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Your eyebrows are such a frame to your face, you want to get them right!

Whether you've over plucked in the past or want to enhance want you naturally have, then you will love this procedure.

Rather than having to fill them in everyday, you can wake up with smudge proof, waterproof brows.


Perfect for 

* Filling in gaps, sparse or no brow hairs

* Adding more definition, shape and colour

* Uneven brows

* Giving you a frame to your eyes and face


Would you like the natural look or something more daring?

As an experienced artist i will guide you on colour choices, based on the tone of your skin and hair, we will discuss the shape, arch, thickness and definition before starting.

I always recommend to go with whats natural as fashions change. My aim is to mimic a natural brow that is timeless.  

Depending on what look you would like, brows can be created using a manual hand tool known as Microblading or using a digital machine or some clients benefit from a combination of the two. 



Hairstrokes to mimic natural hairs to give a natural look.

Ombre / Powder

From a light soft haze of colour to bolder, fuller defined brows. This technique is so versatile.


A mix of hairstrokes and shading to give a fuller,defined look that is still natural.







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